5 Roblox Anthro/Rthro Packages


Roblox anthro is here for the long-term. If you want to decorate your avatar with one of these bundles, here are the best Roblox Rthro packages.

The direction that Roblox Developers Conference took for 2017 was not met with the expected round of applause. Instead, it was met with doubt and negative criticism. Although the attempt to eliminate the R6/R15 avatar types in favor of something more realistically designed didn’t go well with many players, it is clear that Roblox anthro is here to stay.

Roblox anthro, also known as rthro, is a new avatar type that has been added to the platform. They’re more humanoid than the blocky characters and come with some pretty cool animations.

Roblox rthro has more joint points. One of their strengths is compatibility with existing catalog contents like hats and shirts. While many believe it would promote ODing (I.e Online Dating), Roblox anthro believes that Roblox anthro will be the future.

If you’re having trouble choosing from the many anthro bundles on Roblox, here are the top five (5) best Roblox Rthro packages right now to decorate your character.

1. Ud’zal


If you love Roblox anthro and you’re probably looking for an astonishing badass character to make a boss fight with, then look no further than Ud’zal. Known as the all-father of the Korblox, Ud’zal was said to be the true master of the undead until the 12 Deadspeakers plotted his assassination. Now resurrected as an abominable creature of war, he’s now under the control of those who murdered him. For one thing, Ud’zal anthro pack brings pretty animation and many have often said it’s the best Rthro package on Roblox.

2. Kroma Blitz


For one thing, I hate the traditional blocky appearance commonly associated with most Roblox characters. Kroma Blitz pretty much does away with this by introducing a human-like figure. She’s been marketed as a hyper-energetic boxing champ who uses her indomitable speed and stamina to deliver the ultimate one-two punch. Go ahead and grab her full costume, it only costs a few bucks in Robux.

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3. Aurora Sparks


Aurora isn’t just breaking speed limits, she’s also breaking the sound barrier using her self-made Nike Air VaporMax shoes that perfectly fit her running abilities. Pouted as a science wiz turned supersonic track star, Aurora’s tiny glasses albeit a bit weird, helps her to run like a pro. She’s literally one of the best Roblox characters out there.

4. Oli Zigzag


If you are in dire need of a gravity-defying Roblox character, then Oli Zigzag is the way to go. Said to be a half ninja, half celeb stuntman, Oli sports a pair of Nike Air Max 720s and as a parkour practitioner, he’s able to jump like never seen before.

5. Skelly

roblox-anthroSkelly’s unique. This is the best Rthro package you can buy, especially if your goal is to play or create one of the many scary Roblox games. It’s odd, but its skeleton appearance is amazing and it has special skills.

Wrapping up

Roblox rthro or anthropomorphic characters can be a problem if they are fully realized. However, I find it solid. If you are like me, you might think the same. You can now add any of these rthro packs to your avatar and start playing.

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