7 Days to Die Console Cheats and Commands


7 Days Salvation was too much for me and I missed it so I was shocked to hear 7 Days to Die was available on PC. As expected, the game is amazing. The game combines elements from DayZ, Ark, and Minecraft with many improvements. 7 Days to Die, a survival horror game, is set in Arizona’s fictional Navezgane.

After a zombie apocalypse, the gameplay begins. You are the only survivor and must find food, water, shelter, and water to survive. 7 Days to Die is a game that promises to be exciting. I like the building aspect of 7 Days to Die. It has many features. Here’s the deal: 7 Days to Die is a great game that offers many mods, but it also supports cheats and console commands. If you are ready to play around and possibly spawn “items” while playing, here is a guide to how to use the console commands and cheats in 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die Console Commands

Console Commands are a tool for game development. If not used correctly, it can crash your saved game and cause it to become corrupt. It can be used to alter game settings, spawn items, and control time. It can also be used by admins to ban, kick and otherwise control players on the server.

You can usually enter console commands by pressing the theF1It all depends on the keyboard. Simply go to the game’s “menu to see which key brings up the console commands for 7 Days to Die. There are many options“, and jump into controls”. You’ll then see the correct key (in my case, F2).


Pressing the appropriate key brings up the console commands and from there, you can input the commands you want. We will first kick off with the basics and after that, we’ll move over to the cool ones.

Debug Mode is my favorite console command and I love typing “DMYou can enable it by typing “without quotes” into the command window. This will allow you to do amazing things like entering god mode, debug menu, and other cool stuff.

After you have enabled the Debug Mode within 7 Days to Die simply press “GTO enter god mode, press “on your keyboard. This will allow you to fly independently and without taking any damage. Click the “Escape” Key.


There are many options, including one that will allow you to kill yourself. You can also teleport to adjust coordinates, light up where your pointer is, and manipulate time. Click “F5While in debug mode, ” which switches you between first-person and third-person views.

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Click “P” By pressing “Froze”, you can lock your camera.F7” will disable your interface and allow you to take some amazing screenshots. If you want to spawn all NPCs in 7 Days to Die, the console commands are essential. This option can be accessed by pressing “F6“.


Debug mode is activated to allow you to quickly teleport around the map. Open your map, and then hold the “ControlClick on “, then click on the spot that you wish to teleport into.

7 Days to Die Cheats

You can also “spawn” any item in 7 Days to Die, except those you cannot craft. To do this you will need to enter creative (also called cheat mode) and type “CMEnter “without quotes” into the console command. You can now access the console command by pressing “Unter “on your keyboard. In the menu, you can select as many items as you want and they will be moved to your inventory. Creative mode also gives you the ability to fly and this can be achieved by pressing “enter “on your keyboard.


This will not give you stamina, and you won’t be immune from damage like in the Debug menu. Hit the “Space” key will allow you to go up and press “C” will bring it down. You can fly faster by pressing and holding the shift key. You can press “Q” which Will enable God mode also.

Bonus Tips

You can also type commands directly into console windows, in addition to Creative mode and Debug mode. You can type commands directly into the console window, such as if you want to give yourself levels. Giveselfxp 10000. You will gain more experience the higher the number.
You can also typekillallTo kill all NPCs around you, enter the command console. These are the console commands and cheats for 7 Days to Die.

You can also type help to view and access the available console commands, go to the command console. You can experiment with them, but not on the server you’re currently playing on. There is no way to access 7 Days To Die Console Commands on PS4.

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