AFK Arena Tier List 2021 – All the Top Heroes Ranked


Are you looking for the best heroes that will help you get ahead in the most-played idler? Then this AFK Arena Tier list is for you.

AFK Arena is a story about you stopping an evil from “taking over” the world. Although the mechanics may suggest otherwise, it’s still a great idler to be playing right now. AFK Arena features seven factions, a slew of heroes with unique strengths, art styles, and abilities, and a well-detailed backstory.

Even more confusing is the way that the game works offline. The game begins with five heroes, which are “strategically” arranged in a formation consisting of three units at the front and two at the rear. Your “team of heroes” will fight the enemy squad in each fight. Both sides will attack each other automatically

As the player, your goal is to reach your character’s maximum bar or meter. Once it has filled, you can unleash devastating skills that will turn the tide of battle. AFK Arena is a stunning RPG. The gacha element is top-notch, and there are many chapters to unlock.

We are not here to tell you how to play the game. Nor are we going to give you any tips, tricks, or cheats. We are here to help you discover the best heroes that you can use in the early, middle, and end games. This is where the AFK arena Tier List comes in.

AFK Arena Tier List

Every tier list’s sole purpose is to show how well characters in fighting games are. Most of them are sorted into “tiers”, such as SS, A, B. C. D. E, F, etc. This is done to help you decide which hero is worth your time to advance faster in each level.

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WhiteSushii’s “compiled list” of tier lists for AFK Arena seems to be the best. This is what we currently use and it’s amazing. He often found the most valuable heroes to use in the early, middle, and endgame, including Shemira, Thoran, Thoran, and Talene.

This is a complete infographic that shows WhiteSushii’s personal AFK Tier List.


The above image shows that heroes are ranked according to their ability to complete the early stages efficiently and effectively. WhiteSushii did not rank heroes solely based on their speed, but rather how well they were able to transport their team with minimal damage while maximizing the faction bonus.

Mid-game is where the real battle begins. It’s a huge level-up achievement. Shamira is your best option. I personally applaud WhiteSushii’s decision.

WhiteSushii knew full well that legendary heroes would begin to lose power once they reach the highest level of 161, so they practically abandoned them in favor of the Mythic Heroes. They are the perfect choice for the endgame.

Wrapping up

This is, in general, the most detailed AFK Arena Tier Listing we have seen. WhiteSushii has mastered every aspect of the AFK Arena Tier List, from Guild Hunt to PVP and Faction tower.

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