BattleTech Cheats For PC (2021)


There are many BattleTech cheats. Here are the top BattleTech cheats for PC if you want to increase your money, health, stability, and other benefits.

BattleTech has an interesting plot. The campaign is single-player and/or story mode throws you into a feudal political intrigue within the fictional world Inner Sphere. The goal is to restore High Lady Kamea to the throne.

It is a turn-based strategy video game that allows for real-time movement between missions. The gameplay starts with you controlling a lance mech and engaging in intense tactical battles.

Although it is slow-paced, the main strengths of the game are its mechs and their ability to be customized. It is a nostalgic and great war game with solid mechanics. But, the combat is hard.

If you want to get rid of the grind and enjoy a more satisfying experience, we have the perfect BattleTech cheats that will allow you to make unlimited money to buy weapons, armor, and other items.

BattleTech Cheats to Make Unlimited Money

It’s not easy to find a working BattleTech money hack. Although most players edit the price of cheap items, then sell them and lower the cost, it can be difficult to find a working BattleTech money cheat.

We found an easy way to get Infinite Money in BattleTech. If you’re eager to have a lot of C-Bills or Funds, this is the best BattleTech money trick.

Download the Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a tool that allows you to find seemingly impossible odds while playing video games. It’s a simple tool that finds values in a running game’s source code and allows you to modify them to your likings, such as HP, ammo, or gold.

To get unlimited BattleTech money, we’ll need to use the above tool. So to get this one going, simply download Cheat Engine from here and install it on your PC.

Unlimitless Money

After this, you can fire up BattleTech with Cheat Engine. Click on BattleTech to go directly to it.Career >> New >> Start GameYou can now click the “Next” button. Wait until it loads, and then you will see the main menu.

Click on Cheat Engine to open the Cheat Engine. Next, select BattleTech from The menu. Procedural List.

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Next, click hereActual ValueJust besideScan TypeSelectUnknown initial valueSelect from the drop-down menu.


Once you are done click theFirst can click the button, and then wait for it to finish its job.

You can now buy anything on BattleTech by heading to the Store. Or you can hire mech warriors.


Once you are done, enter the current value of the funds into the empty.ValueBox on the Cheat Engine right besideHexText


Click here next scan when you are done, wait for the system to display a staggering amount of data under your address box.


Click on the button to select all data.Red arrow below the box

You should now see the data copied in the box belowMemory ValueSelect all of them again and hit the Enter key.


You will see the Change Value window. Type in your desired amount and click OK.


Go back to BattleTech, and make another purchase or hire someone. Your funds will now be updated to reflect the modified value.


That’s all. To earn Infinite cash, you can repeat the process over and over to purchase load-outs for your next fight.

BattleTech Cheat to Increase Stability and Health

BattleTech is a very difficult game. While the cheat above literally guarantees unlimited money, it won’t change the fact that you will be killed in an intense battle.

WeMod Trainer is here to help. You can use it to cheat on BattleTech with 4 options: Unlimited Money, Stability and Health, and no Overheat.


So if you are already looking to lay hands on these hacks, simply go ahead and download WeMod trainer from here.

Once it is installed, turn it on and go to the games section. Look for the following: BattleTechSelect it.

Click the play click the button to start a mission. You’re now ready to go.

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