Best Krunker Aimbot and Krunker Hacks of 2021



The Krunker Aimbot is the best Krunker hack of 2021. If you want to be successful in Krunker, then this is for you! The Krunker Hack provides all sorts of information about Krunker that will help players dominate and become better than their opponents. It has a lot more features too!

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When we suggested you move over Fortnite and listed as one of the best multiplayer first-person shooter io games to play with friends, we sure weren’t joking. This is what’s hot right now. I love that it has both a Call of Duty-style first-person shooter as well as a Roblox-like aesthetic., however, is a flash game. This means it can be used on Chrome, Firefox, and any other web browser. No downloads, no problem. The gameplay is all about having fun with violence.

There are many options available to arm your character, including a shotgun, rocket launcher, and light machine guns, assault rifles, revolvers, and even a rocket launcher.’s strength is its speed and the variety of content it offers.

Other than these features, players have the option to skip aim training and modify the game to their preference. All this is possible thanks to Krunker aimbot scripts. Let’s now see how to install Krunker hacks, what Krunker aimbot is, and how you can get it.

What is Krunker Aimbot?


The Krunker aimbot, a hack or script used by gamers, automatically zeroes in on an enemy and allows you to give them a headshot. Although the idea is great, there’s one catch.

If Krunker aimbot is misused incorrectly or made a mistake, it can result in a permanent ban and expulsion from the server.

This is likely the main reason that some players consider it a lame tool, aimed at unskilled people.

We are going to share safe and 100 percent working Krunker aimbot hacks or scripts that won’t get banned. Here’s how to install Krunker hacks and Krunker aimbots.

The Best Krunker Aimbot Right Now

You can find a lot of Krunker hacks online and/or aimbots on greasy fork. This one is the current one that allows you to use all weapons in the game, including the crossbow. It is safe to use and works great. Here’s the link to download them.

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First, delete any Krunker aimbot scripts that you may have already installed. Next, download the one listed above. (Do I ignore the tampermonkey script? Then download the unpacked extension).

After you’ve done that, fire up Chrome Browser and go to this URLchrome://extensions


There, you can enable the developer mode to disable all extensions on that page, click the button in the upper right corner of the screen. Once that’s done, simply drag any of the unpacked extension I.e the zip file you downloaded earlier into the extension page. Now navigate to and you do be greeted with the 0×0C66FC94 error. Ignore it and seek a new game as recommended. This time, everything should work perfectly.

Tampermonkey Installs Krunker Aimbot scripts

We recommend zip installation because it is easier to detect than tampermonkey. If you are willing to take that risk, here is how to install Krunker’s aimbot script via tampermonkey.

Krunker aimbot

Start by going use your Chrome browser to click the download button. Next, click “Add to Chrome“, and you will see the tampermonkey symbol appear in the top right corner, just next to the search box. Now find the Krunker aimbot script and copy its text.

Click on the tampermonkey symbol beside the chrome search field and choose “Make a new script“.


Once the Editor appears, highlight any text and replace it with the one that you have copied earlier. Do not forget to save them, follow by save you should feel good.

Go to chrome://extensions, and you can disable all extensions except tampermonkey. This is important to prevent game disconnections.

Wrapping up

That’s all. Imagine being able down enemies hundreds of meters away …. sounds crazy right? This script and hack from krunker will allow you to have a simpler experience.

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