Chris Metzen is the newest ex-Blizzard developer to report: “There is no excuse”


Chris Metzen was Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Growth at Blizzard till his retirement in 2016 and a serious architect of world constructing throughout a number of collection. Like Blizzard’s former President and CEO Mike Morhaime, Metzen responded to Activision Blizzard’s widespread discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit with an apology on Twitter.

“We failed and I’m sorry,” he begins. “To all of you at Blizzard – these of you I do know and people of you who I’ve by no means met – I apologize deeply for the position I performed in a tradition that promoted harassment, inequality and indifference .

“There’s no excuse. We let too many people down when they needed us because we had the privilege of not noticing, of not engaging, of creating the necessary space, of the colleagues who needed us as leaders wish my apology could make a difference. ” . It will possibly’t. “

Metzen goes on to say that he has read the reports of women who added their stories to those in the lawsuit (many of which were collected on Reddit) and says, “Buddies and colleagues, individuals I’ve cherished and admired for years, acquired damage immediately as a result of I wasn’t there sufficient to ask, hear, hear these tales when it mattered “and that” the yawning separation between my notion of above and the overwhelming actuality that a lot of you may have skilled, fills me with deep disgrace. “

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Given the impending lawsuit, the reaction of current Activision Blizzard executives has been confused, seemingly unsure whether to reject the allegations or condemn the discrimination and harassment described. Metzen’s statement concludes that “Phrases are low cost. I am additionally unsure what huge, sweeping guarantees actually do. Accountability begins with individuals. Not firms or platitudes or ‘values’ round a statue in iron are poured. “

However, since Metzen worked closely with former World of Warcraft Senior Creative Director Alex Afrasiabi, named directly in the lawsuit, there were some doubts about Metzen’s alleged ignorance and the value of his apology. The first response to Metsen’s tweet was, “How much did you know about Alex Afrasiabi and his behavior?

In subsequent tweets, Metzen responded by writing, “I loved working with him and jamming in story meetings. He was someone I really valued at work, but we never interacted outside of story jams and the like […] To learn all of this in the past week has been nothing short of shocking. Just reprehensible shit. “

Metzen at the moment runs Warchief, a tabletop gaming firm he co-founded with Blizzard’s former Vice President of High quality Assurance Mike Gilmartin.

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