Episode Passes Hack: Earn Free Episode Passes and Gems


Pocket Gems was founded in 2009 and are a mobile gaming company. Pocket Gems’ Episode is the most popular game. This game was introduced for the first time in 2014.

What’s Episode all about?

Storytelling is something we all enjoy. Episode Choose Your Story is a great way to have fun. You can make your own stories, or look at the stories created by other gamers. This interactive entertainment is a popular choice for younger generations.

The episode is not just another interactive story mobile app. Only a few games offer the same immersive experience like this one. Everyone can be a creator in the game. You can create amazing stories by making the right choices in any situation. Similar to the Black Mirror episode: Bandersnatch on Netflix. These games are open-ended. There are many ways to play it. The Episode may look different depending on how the player views it.

How can you use Episodes to choose your story?

The episode is available for free. You can download Episode from both the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. The game allows you to make in-app purchases. You will be presented with several story options once you have downloaded the game.

There are many genres that the episodes fall under, including Drama, Romance and Adventure. After choosing a story to tell, you will be taken to a brief introduction. After you have read the background, you will be presented with a scene. You will be taken to the next stage if you make the first decision. The scene is then composed of several decisions that determine the protagonist’s actions. Each choice opens up new possibilities, which creates new stories.

What makes Episode different from other choices-based games?

It is unique in its implementation and its simplicity makes it superior to other simulations. These are some of the things that make the Episode unique:

  • The creators of Episode Choose Your Story allow gamers to send in new ideas, and this is how they present fresh content each week.
  • Over 4.4 Billion episodes have been viewed across 84000 stories.
  • The game contains more than 100,000 stories.
  • The weekly active user count has been at 5 million.
  • More than 12 million creators are total.
  • You can create Episodes with the mobile creation tool without any programming knowledge. This tool is great for budding directors who want to invent and create stories.

How do you make Episodes a success?

You will be using Episode Gems and Passes as your primary resource. Your most valuable currency is Episode Gems. Episode’s Passes let you skip chapters or fast-forward it to the point.

  • As a reward, connect your social media accounts with Episode app for android or iphone.
  • Events are held frequently. You could be awarded gems depending on your position in the top charts.
  • Daily challenges can also give you Gems and Passes.
  • You can also earn Passes by playing new stories. When you’re not playing, Passes are not added hourly.
  • Another popular and simple way to earn gems and passes for Episode is to use Episode generator tool.

What is the purpose of this episode gems and passes generator?

The episode also allows users to create their own stories. You might need to have all the resources available to make better stories. Even if your story is just for entertainment, you will still need gems and passes at different stages to accomplish various purposes.

You can purchase both Gems and Passes within the game. Gem packs and Passes can be purchased in the game. You might be awarded Gems for reading certain stories. This is only valid for the first time that you read the story. To find stories that can earn gems, look for the banner titled ‘Earn Jewels’. You can purchase gems and passes quickly. These are however quite costly. This is where Episode Free Gems and Passes Generator Hack Tool comes in. You don’t need to download any codes or run them on your device or computer. This Episode hack generator is not malicious. It runs seamlessly on any mobile device, regardless of what platform it is being used. It can also work on a PC.

This Episode hack gives you free passes and gems.

Episode Interactive cheats will allow you to master Episode. You can accomplish so much with Episode Unlimited passes and gems. These Episode app cheats might prove useful in a few situations.

Character customization – This is where you can choose the hairstyle and other features for your Avatar. You can update your Avatar’s look with all the Episode Choose The Story gems that you have accumulated. Seasonal costumes are also available. These can be very useful.

Sometimes, the app will prompt you to select a particular type of outfit. These outfits can help you improve your relationship in the game. During such situations, it is helpful to know how to get Episode passes and gems for free. These special outfits may cost you some gems. These outfits can be purchased with earned gems. This will strengthen your relationships. This will improve your storyline.

Enjoy Unlimited Free Gems and Passes with Every Episode!

Expanding your resources is as easy as a few steps. Don’t worry if your computer or mobile phone doesn’t have enough storage. The generator does not require any downloading. Visit the gems and pass generator page. Enter your username from the game. To prevent you from being banned, your username will be hidden from the game’s tracking. You don’t have to worry about losing the story’s progress. All of your Gems and Passes that you have previously purchased remain intact. Your current stash will now have the new resources.

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After you have created your Username, you can enter the number and type of gems or passes that you require. This Episode Hack gives you free gems on both android and iPhone. Click on “Generate Now!” Close the game if it has been running in the background. Refresh the app to restart the game. You should now see the new gems or passes in your account. These gems and passes can be used immediately. They can be used to purchase outfits or readymade looks, and even increase the speed of your stories. The Episode free passes and gems don’t change your normal gameplay. These resources can be earned for any tasks that you have completed. These resources would be further added to your existing collection.

What makes it so different from other Episode-type gem generators?

  • There are many Episode gems and passes hack generators on the market. This Episode gems hack generator allows you to add gems and free passes to your account, without being banned.
  • At any one time, you can only add a small number of Episode Gems or Passes. This prevents developers from monitoring your account and blocking it.
  • This hack is easy to use. This hack allows you to understand the application and all the different genres as well as the ways to play it. You will also learn how to get Episode gems and passes. This Episode hack generator will help you in Episode gameplay.
  • This tool is free. You would simply need to provide your Episode account details in order to use this tool. This Episode hack does not require you to pay any hidden fees or money. You can get all Episode cheats and gems as well as free resources for free.
  • This tool works immediately. The gems and passes are instantly reflected in your account. You can still purchase special outfits if you’re in the middle or final stages of an event.
  • This Episode Select Your Story Cheats and Hack Tool will allow you to discover all the endings of every story for free!
  • This tool will help you not only save money, but also your time. Episode players will know that it can take time to earn gems and passes and isn’t cheap. Episode Choose Your Story might feel less rewarding. You might be disappointed if your stash isn’t enough, even after you spend hours. You might feel like you are not catching up on the events you’re interested in, or missing out on a story you’d like to read. The Episode cheats and the free gems generator are a great help. This would allow you to navigate quickly through all episodes and take advantage of every opportunity. This tool allows you to quickly build your Episode gems and passes while also reducing the time and effort required.
  • This gems and passes generator not only secures your account but also protects your game data. Your account information and contact details will not be leaked.

This tool is great for Episode to Choose Your Story

The episode is one of the most downloaded games on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. This in-app purchase is available for the game. You can save money by using Episode Passes or Gems to help you choose your story. This Episode ticket hack will allow you to make the most out of Episode. It would allow you to explore all features without spending a lot. You can read as many stories and participate in as many of them as you wish. You will be able to create the best stories once you learn how to get more Diamonds on Episode. These stories can be published and shared with friends using the game.

It can be used on any mobile device. Secure connections ensure that all transactions take place via secure channels.

This Episode gems pass generator goes through rigorous tests and trial runs. Regular updates are available to keep you informed about all game updates. Every update is rigorously tested to avoid any glitches during the generation process. This solid performance will help you to stabilize your strategies for unlimited gems and passes in Episode.

Our episode-free gems and passes are only available to the first 100 users each hour. If you’re one of the 100 lucky users to win gems, make sure you spend your gems on the best episode interactive Stories.

It’s all wrapped up

You might be looking for something to improve your Episode experience if you’ve been playing Episode for some time. You may be familiar with the various default game options that allow you to earn resources. This interactive simulation is slow-paced and enjoyable if you are patient. This tool can be used to create a unique experience. It is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything. You can also try it out if you’re not sure about the results. You can then create more resources if you are satisfied with the process. To earn gems you need to be patient and do small tasks. If you are happy with the process, then you can spend money or wait to receive more. Another way is to learn how you can get gems on episodes. You will receive passes and a free app game to generate unlimited gems.

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