FFXIV Fashion Report: This Week’s Guide and Rewards


The FFXIV Fashion Report has grown to be a popular phenomenon. Here’s how to get 60,000 MGP and score 80-100 points.

Final Fantasy XIV is a great MMORPG. It’s difficult to recommend it. It’s still a great MMORPG because of its visuals and compelling story. However, there are many useful contents you can explore that will take hours. The game’s gameplay takes place in an “exquisite” 3D world called Eorzea. Players can choose from five races to defend their realm against the opposition.

Apart from the main scenario quests players can also embark on side quests that reward them with resources like clothing, weapons, and food. FFXIV isn’t lacking in features, details aside. This MMO is amazing and offers something for everyone. You’ll also find tons and tons of seasonal in-game events that are worth your time.Fashion Report is one such festival that will amaze you. This contest asks players to design their best-themed outfit for grading.

What is the FFXIV Fashion Report?”

FFXIV Fashion Report targets players who are sartorial geniuses. Each week Masked Rose will give out a theme and players will need to “prepare” to dress up before going to him to judge.

Friday is the judging date. Participants are graded according to a scale from one to 100. Before you can participate in the contest, there are some requirements. These include “reaching” level 15, completing the quest, and “completing the prerequisites.”It could happen to you” unlocking the Gold Saucer.

After this, you can begin your “fashion adventure” by speaking withLewenaWho will provide the following: Fashion is my passion you can also search for Masked Rose at The Gold Saucer, and ask him what theme he has chosen for the weekly Fashion Report.

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Reward Program

FFXIV Fashion Report comes with a lot of rewards. It rewards players with virtual cash and also gives them access to Kasumi’s boutique which sells unique items. Players are awarded 10,000 MGP as a reward for taking part in the Fashion Report Challenge.

Players who score 80-100 points or more can receive an additional reward of 50,000 MGP, as well as a Fashion Leader title.

Guide to Score 80-100 Points

Players should be aware that they can participate in Fashion Report contests up to four times per week. They can use this advantage to their advantage by looking for tips that will increase their scores.

Fortunately, one of our fellow adventurers Miss Kaiyoko Star has decided to trade information on the best outfit that can improve grading results and it’s visible within the image below.

ffxiv-fashion-reportFFXIV fashion report Week 125

You will see that many of the items shown above can be made or purchased from the market.

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