Finest Minecraft seeds: Minecraft 1.17 seeds for superb worlds


On the lookout for one of the best Minecraft seeds to start out a brand new journey? Whether or not you are searching for a distant survival island, a quaint village, or a number of the uncommon biomes, we have some wonderful seeds to spawn into. No matter your objective, the seeds listed right here ought to have you ever coated. With the upcoming launch of Minecraft 1.18, there’s rather a lot to be enthusiastic about in case you’re considering of returning to Mojang’s blocky sandbox. 

We have searched the Minecraft group and listed our favorite Minecraft seeds under. They have been cut up up into completely different classes too—survival, village, and biome seeds—so discovering your superb world must be good and simple. There’s additionally a useful part on the backside for Minecraft Bedrock Version seeds. 

So what are you ready for? Listed here are one of the best Minecraft seeds, in addition to a fast explainer on the way to use them.

Easy methods to use Minecraft seeds

Merely put, Minecraft seeds are a string of numbers that dictate an actual Minecraft world so that you can load into. Earlier than creating a brand new world, you may punch these numbers in to conjure up the actual place you need to discover, and creators share these codes on-line. You will discover a discipline to enter your chosen seed within the “More World Options” menu when creating a brand new world. Utilizing a seed will get you precisely the identical world era as another person who’s used it.

The one factor you want to bear in mind is to ensure you’re operating the right model of Minecraft. In any other case, your seed has an opportunity of not spawning precisely what you need, or being simply barely completely different.

Fortunately, it’s fairly painless to run legacy variations of Minecraft. All it is advisable do is open the launcher, click on on “Launch Options” then “Add New.” From right here you may identify it, and under that may be a drop-down field with all of the earlier editions. Simply click on on the one you want, head again to the “News” part, and cargo up the model you want. Now, an in-depth have a look at one of the best Minecraft seeds.

Minecraft 1.18 seeds

Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot 4 - a view from above of a snowy mountain

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Minecraft is totally shaking up its world era when the second half of the Caves & Cliffs replace arrives this 12 months. Caves are getting deeper and mountains are getting taller. Proper now, Mojang is testing out some very early variations of replace 1.18 in what it is calling “experimental snapshots” earlier than it begins releasing the standard pre-update snapshot builds. 

Issues are nonetheless in such a state of change that Mojang is tweaking how worlds generate nearly each week in a brand new experimental snapshot construct. Which means we do not have an inventory of one of the best 1.18 Minecraft seeds for you but, however the excellent news is that virtually each 1.18 seed is tremendous fascinating. You may load right into a random world on artistic mode and fairly rapidly discover an enormous ravine to dive into or a brilliant amplified mountain to fly round.

Minecraft survival seeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Minimalist Survival Island

Seed: 3366408241916580461 | Model 1.17

This pared-down setting may properly encourage some soul-searching. Important provides are solely nonexistent. The place will you discover your first block of wooden when the horizon is filled with ocean in each route? Watch out which method you select to swim. There’s an ocean monument on the market, however will you see it earlier than the Guardians see you? This survival seed was initially logged for model 1.7 however we have included the 1.17 view for you right here. Nonetheless tremendous minimal so far as Minecraft seeds for survivors go!


(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Castaway double shipwreck

 Seed: 7777777777988733304 | Model 1.16

This double shipwreck island Minecraft seed is ripe for a castaway survival story. You will spawn in on the heart of this small island, as in case you’ve awoken from wrecking your ship on its shores. You are not the primary although. There’s one other shipwreck right here too. The place may the unfortunate survivors who got here earlier than you’ve gotten gone? By means of the now ruined nether portal close by maybe?

Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

12-Eye Finish Portal Seed

Seed: 4776164391216949839 | Model 1.17

Minecraft seeds wherein your world’s Finish Portal generates with all 12 Eyes Of Ender already assembled and activated are extraordinarily uncommon. You will not simply encounter one by likelihood, more than likely. This is one you may load up to make use of on your personal survival adventures. Once you’re able to hit the fortress, head to coordinates X: 1146, Y: 63, Z: -637. Proper beneath you is the room adjoining to a fortress’s activated Finish Portal. Earlier than you rush off to the dragon although, you will in all probability need to hit up the close by desert and jungle villages for provides.

Supply: MinecraftSeedsEveryday

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Mansion In The Heartwood

Seed: 110918009997 | Model 1.17

Nothing beats charging headfirst right into a mansion with the intention of besting each Illager (to not be confused with Villager) that strikes. However discovering a mansion in survival is not any straightforward feat. It’ll take hours of scouring each forest hoping that at some point you’ll come face-to-face with that foreboding wood construction. This mansion is helpfully proper at spawn, and it is positioned inside an eerily heart-shaped forest surrounded by badlands. If the mansion is not problem sufficient, there is a pillager outpost on the different fringe of the forest. Good luck!

Supply: /r/minecraftseeds

Minecraft village seeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang, Microsoft)

Ocean Temple Island Village

Seed: 6039186344010446208 | Model 1.16

This island village seed appears to be like like one thing that crawled proper out of The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. You will spawn proper in the midst of this idyllic little island village surrounded by ocean with a number of watchtowers and homes. It even has a small cave under the village the place you may start your mining operation. Lurking simply outdoors the sting of city, past the wood docks, is an ocean temple. This one would positively pair properly with the Wind Waker-themed possibility on our greatest Minecraft texture packs listing.

Supply: Minecraft Seeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

The Township

Seed: 2083747154327962073 | Model 1.16.1

In case you’re searching for a Minecraft shipwreck to discover, it does not get simpler than this conveniently unwrecked ship that seems to be docked in a village. It is proper by spawn too, so you’ll instantly load up and begin digging by means of the treasure on this helpfully deserted and not-so-sunken ship. Hey, it’d even make a pleasant house in case you resolve to maneuver into city. As a word, the location of the ship is not as good in case you generate this seed in 1.17, however you may actually create your world in 1.16.1 initially after which play it in 1.17 after!

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Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

Picture 1 of two

Minecraft seeds - four villages at spawn - a snowy Minecraft village seen from above with three other biome villages in the distance

(Picture credit score: Mojang)Picture 2 of two

Minecraft seeds - four villages at spawn - A bird's eye view of four minecraft villages at sunest: a desert, jungle, snow, and taige village

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

4 villages at spawn

Seed: -4379469131957062683 | Model 1.17

These 4 villages might or might not all reside in concord, however you’ll find out your self proper after you start a world with this Minecraft seed. You will spawn in on a cliff simply to the west of the Taiga village. Three different village sorts: the Tundra, Savannah, and Desert are all close by as properly. You may nearly spot all of them in case you squint within the screenshot above. Flip to the second picture to identify them by their torches burning at sundown.

Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Double Village Islands

Seed: 5329177101860618450 | Model 1.16

Island villages are at all times a neat discover, however how about two islands, every with their very own village? Higher but, they’re linked throughout the water. Even higher, one among them is a zombie village. This seed certain appears ripe for a narrative. 

Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

Minecraft biome seeds

Minecraft seed - big bamboo jungle - A panda mob stands in the center of a large bamboo forest

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Massive Bamboo Jungle

Seed: -6007508716048973791 | Model 1.17

This seed crops you proper subsequent to an enormous bamboo forest so that you can discover if you have not come near Minecraft’s panda mobs but. You will discover the sting of the forest not removed from spawn. In case you enterprise across the outer edges of the bamboo forest you will additionally discover a small village within the plains and a witch hut over within the close by swamp.

Supply: Minecraft Seeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Ice-olation island

Seed: -452616212506859587| Model 1.17

Okay. So. Iceberg biomes are cool. Not solely do they carry this bizarre foreboding feeling, however they’re nice to construct a house in. Who doesn’t need to reside in an ice citadel? What makes this seed so particular is, like many seeds, you spawn on two tiny islands. Solely with this seed, flip in any route and all you see is ice spikes. You’d higher assume quick, as a result of surviving this seed isn’t going to be straightforward. Attempt to make buddies with the polar bears on the floe subsequent door, maybe.

Supply: Minecraft Village Seeds

Minecraft seeds - Badlands - A mesa badlands biome full of clay mountains with a small exposed mineshaft visible at the base

(Picture credit score: Future)

Lovely Badlands

Seed: 83539627 | Model 1.17

In case you’re searching for a giant, lovely badlands biome, you’ve got discovered it. You are in for extra of a problem than that although, so do not get too comfy. You will spawn proper on the base of those colourful mesas, proper beside the opening to an deserted mineshaft. Discover the close by ravine and you will find much more mineshafts, chests with treasure, and a few spawners too. This seed provides you an important head begin and a problem in addition.

Supply: Minecraft Seed HQ

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Large mushroom donut

Seed: -6316420307748711466 | Model 1.17

If you wish to chow down on one among Minecraft’s rarest biomes, this monumental donut-shaped Mushroom island is the deal with you are searching for. You will spawn proper on this huge island filled with Mooshroom cows and towering fungi. In case you head in direction of its heart, you will even discover some underwater ruins beneath the floor.

Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

Minecraft Bedrock seeds and Pocket Version seeds

Now that Mojang have unified all of the non-Java variations collectively because the Bedrock model, these Minecraft seeds will all work in your Pocket Version Minecraft, Home windows 10 model, and console variations as properly.

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Stronghold spawn seed

Seed: -160471485 | Model 1.17

If you wish to make a mad sprint for the tip, it is a nice seed to do it on. You will spawn proper beside a zombie village, beneath which is an finish portal at coordinates (899, 47, 38). Earlier than you head down there, you may need to go gear up by visiting the close by savannah village simply throughout the small bay from the place you spawn. 

Supply: MinecraftSeedsEveryday

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Blacksmith island

Seed: 542630838 | Model 1.17

In case you’re searching for a pleasant island to get up on, you may’t do significantly better than this tidy village with three blacksmiths. That is quite a lot of gear to swipe proper off the bat. Not solely that, however that is really a preferred speedrunning seed. Your first goal might be the deserted zombie village on the adjoining island. The island you spawn on has a Stronghold and finish portal beneath it. In case you take a swim, you will rapidly spot a number of locations the place you may simply dive proper into the stronghold with out mining a single block.

Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Biome Melting Pot

Seed: 2111844826 | Model 1.17

This Bedrock version seed does not dump you proper the place you need to be, however belief us it’s very value teleporting to. After you spawn, use the /tp command to ship your self to the coordinates (-185, 64, 117). You will end up proper on the fringe of a mushroom biome wanting throughout a really small ocean at a badlands biome, a jungle, some mountains, a tundra, and even some ice spikes. It is numerous uncommon, fascinating biomes all tucked into one space—good for anybody trying to pattern just a bit bit of virtually all the things Minecraft has to supply. In case you head into the ice spikes, you will discover a tundra village not too distant too.

Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

(Picture credit score: Mojang)

Arctic Survival Island

Seed: 1669737730 | Model 1.17

In case you actually appreciated the look of that remoted arctic survival island seed for Java, here is one for Bedrock version too! You will spawn on this medium-sized island surrounded solely by a frozen ocean and icebergs. There’s greater than sufficient bushes and area on this one island to maintain you busy, particularly with a number of underwater shipwrecks and ocean ruins close by. As soon as you’ve got conquered all that, there are just a few darkish forests to search out on additional shores. You are fairly removed from civilization although, so do not anticipate finding a village until you are taking a really, very lengthy boat trip.

Supply: /r/Minecraftseeds

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