Harem Hotel Cheat Codes for Money, Max Stats, and More (2021)


There are many harem hotel codes. Here’s how to use harem hotel codes to make your character stronger and get more money.

We did list Harem Hotel as one of the best games like Summertime Saga and if you had had it downloaded, then chances are you are probably enjoying it right now. Harem Hotel is a Visual Novel for those who live under a rock.

The story tells the tale of a young man (the player) who inherits a hotel that eight beautiful women have been staying in. Lin to Kali, then Ashley, Maria and Autumn, Felicity, Emma, and many others. There will be a lot of girls in your group and you’ll have to help them upgrade their hotel, make friends, and then train them.

Harem Hotel is a dating sim that offers many themes, a variety of traits and stats, as well as many outfits. It can be difficult to progress through the many levels of the game and earn money to reward your character. This is where Lain’s Walkthrough and Cheat mod comes in.

This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for every character. This mod also includes a lot of cool stuff that isn’t in the vanilla game. It also contains a cheat menu that allows you to set your money to any amount that you like.

You can also max your stats together with the girls at the hotel and unlock new outfits as well as toys, wallpapers, and other goodies. If you are eager to find all Harem Hotel codes, here is a list.

Harem Hotel Coupon Codes to Save Money


Money is important in Harem Hotel. This is especially true when it comes to “upgrading” your hotel or purchasing other items. Here’s a list with Harem Hotel codes to get money right away.

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  • Gimmeallyourmoney – Gives you $999,999
  • Gimmesomemoney – Gives you $1,000

Harem Hotel Cheat codes for maximum stats

To max your stats and meet all the girls, here are all active Harem Hotels codes.

  • maxall– Maxes all characters’ stats
  • maxlin– Lin’s stats Maxed out
  • maxkali– Kali’s Stats Maxed out
  • maxashleyMaxes Ashley’s stats
  • maxmaria– Maria’s Stats Maxed out
  • maxbot– Android stats maxed out
  • maxfelicityandemma– Maxes Out Felicity & Emma’s Stats

Other Harem Hotel codes

You might also want to check out the below cheat codes. These codes can be used to add more scenes or go the extra mile to allow you to do some really naughty things.

  • Simply type in the following commands using your PC or computer in the room.TruestoryIt would make Felicity and Emma twins, instead of clones.
  • Spin TV– Adds violet to your game
  • fuck*lucy (replace the symbol*Withe(– Lucy will move in with Kali, so let’s fu*k Lucy.
  • HiRuney Says Hello
  • dayplus10Skips time up to 10 days ahead, no story progression
  • skiptoend1– This will bring the game up to day 30, with a story already written.

These are the Harem Hotel codes that you should be looking at right now.

What is Harem Hotel

This is a simulation game for adult dating. The players play the role of a man who has recently lost his grandfather and was the owner of the girl-hotel. His grandfather used to secretly work on an Android that was made for pleasure. He eventually came to love her and began treating her like his child after working with her for many years.

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