Hit or Miss Roblox ID (2021)


Hit and Miss Roblox ID galore. But if you’re looking for a code to work in 2021, we have one right here.

You’re likely to be familiar with the TikTok hip hop song Hit or Miss by I love Friday. You’ll love to hear it on Roblox, which is the game-creation platform.

Hit or Miss is a great song with cool lyrics. The meaning, although a bit crazy, is actually really funny. Google has seen a spike in searches for the phrase “Hit or Miss”, which probably means it will either work out or not.

If you want to add the Hit or Miss song in Roblox, it’s not easy. Even if you do find a code, it’s likely that they will be deleted or deemed obsolete due to copyright issues.

There’s a new Hit or Miss Roblox ID available and it works as of this writing. If you are eager to make the game more fun, here is the Hit or Miss Roblox ID.

Song NameID
Hit or miss2579777475

How to play music on Roblox

Roblox is generous. Roblox offers its services free of charge and allows users to listen to any music code as long as they have the boombox item. There are many options and the lowest Boombox price can be as low as R$250. If you already have one, follow the guide below to play Hit or Miss.

  • Start Roblox by opening it and launching your game world.
  • Click here to access your boombox
  • Enter the Hit or Miss Roblox ID and hit enter.
  • The music will then be loud!
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Wrapping up

This is the Hit or Miss Roblox ID for 2021. Now, enter the code in your boombox to start playing.

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