One of the best Genshin Impression Baal construct


So you could have Baal in Genshin Impression and also you need to use it – however what’s the perfect Baal construct? The Raiden Shogun arrived in Genshin Impression 2.1, though we already noticed what she will do up shut once we battled her within the Inazuma Archon quest. Unsurprisingly, it is fairly highly effective.

The last word battery, the Raiden Shogun principally scales on a single stat that receives elevated electrical harm and power restoration primarily based on its power cost. Her burst does extra harm primarily based on different characters charging it with their bursts, however utilizing hers she will recharge hers, making a lethal cycle of burst-feed bursts.

Extra high builds from Genshin Impression

The Raiden Shogun additionally has extra to supply than meets the attention. As soon as you’ve got performed by means of the brand new 2.1 Archon quest, you may discover that there are loads of loopy issues about your character like the truth that Baal is not her title in any respect.

On this constructing information for Genshin Impression Raiden Shogun, I am going to go into her abilities and constellations, and methods to get essentially the most out of her with some builds.


One of the best Genshin Impression Baal construct

Because the Raiden Shogun’s electrical harm scales with their power cost, any good construct for them will attempt to stack it as excessive as potential.

Electrical DPS

Weapons: Enveloping lightning

The brand new five-star polearm, coming in model 2.1, is ideal for Raiden – not stunning when you think about that it’s really their weapon. Engulfing Lightning offers a secondary stat increase to the power cost and will increase assault by 28% of the power cost you could have over the bottom of 100%. This affords a most bonus of 80%. You additionally achieve 30% Bonus Vitality Cost for 12 seconds after casting an Elemental Strike.

Since Raiden’s electrical harm scales for each 1% power recharge she has above the bottom 100%, Engulfing Lightning merely provides one other layer to this impact. Another potential four-star picks are Prototype Starglitter, the Favonius Warlance, and even the brand new fishing reward spear for model 2.1, The Catch. Nevertheless, you will want to breed some Golden Koi if you wish to.

Artifact: Emblem of Severed Destiny

Identical to with Sara, the Emblem of Severed Destiny artifact set is nice for the Raiden Shogun. With a two-piece she will get a 20% power cost, which additional strengthens her, and for 4 items she will get one other bonus primarily based on the power cost, growing the explosion harm by 25% of its worth. You may get a most bonus of 75% this fashion. Whereas Engulfing Lightning and Severed Destiny each have caps on the harm bonus they can provide Raiden primarily based on their power cost, their passive, Enlightened, doesn’t.

Meaning it ought to have the ability to hit some fairly huge numbers. If you do not have a full Severed Destiny, you can even add just a few items of Thundering Fury for the electro harm bonus or Exiles and Students for his or her 20 p.c energy increase.

Methods to open

How do I get Baal in Genshin Impression?

You may at present want for the Raiden Shogun to be a part of the Reign of Serenity banner. She could be seen subsequent to the four-star electrical archer Kujou Sara in addition to the anemo help determine Sucrose and the pyro polearm provider Xiangling.


Baal’s skills

Listed here are the Raiden Shogun’s skills, passives, and constellations:

Regular assault: origin

Regular: Performs as much as 5 consecutive spear strikes.Charged: It takes a certain quantity of stamina to make an up lower.Falling: Darts from the air to hit the bottom under, dealing harm to enemies alongside the way in which and dealing AoE harm on influence.

Elemental capacity

Transcendence – Malign Mild: The Raiden Shogun reveals a splinter of its Euthymia, inflicting electrical harm on close by enemies, and granting Eye of Stormy Judgment to close by celebration members. Eye of Stormy Judgment: When characters assault and hit enemies with this buff, the Eye unleashes a coordinated assault that offers AoE electrical harm to the opponent’s location. The attention can launch a coordinated assault each 0.9s per group.

Elemental explosion

Secret Artwork – Musou Shinsetsu: The Raiden Shogun gathers innumerable truths and innumerable needs, unleashes the Musou no Hitotachi, and inflicts AoE electrical harm through the use of Musou Isshin in fight for a time frame. The harm dealt by Musou no Hitotachi and Musou Isshin’s assaults relies on the variety of Shogan Byakugen no Rin’s Dedication stacks consumed when utilizing this ability.Musou Isshin: On this state, the Raiden Shogun wields his tachi in fight whereas his regular, charged, and plunging assaults are pervaded with electrical harm that can’t be overridden. When such assaults hit enemies, it regenerates power for all close by celebration members. Vitality could be restored to all Is this fashion as soon as, and this impact can set off 5 occasions in the course of the length of this ability. On this state, the Raiden Shogun’s resistance to interruption is elevated and he’s proof against electro-charged response harm.Shogan Byakugen no Rin: When group members close by use their elemental explosions, the Raiden Shogun builds willpower primarily based on the quantity of power they’re consuming. The utmost variety of willpower stacks is 60.
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Unnumbered Needs: If group members obtain elemental balls or particles close by, Shogan Byakugen no Rin receives two stacks of willpower.Enlightened: Each 1% over 100% cost the Raiden Shogun has grants them a 0.6% larger power restoration from Musou Isshin and a 0.4% electrical harm bonus.All Keepers: Mora consumed when leveling swords and polearms lowered by 50%


Ominous inscription: Shogan Byakugen no Rain will collect willpower even quicker. When Electro characters use their Elemental Bursts, Resolve gained is elevated by 80%. When characters of different elemental sorts use their elemental explosions, Resolve gained is elevated by 20%.Promise of decency: When the Musou Isshin state utilized by Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu expires, all close by celebration members (besides the Raiden Shogun) obtain 30% bonus ATK for 10 seconds.Shinkage Bygones: Will increase the extent of Secret Artwork: Musuo Shinsetsu by 3. The utmost improve stage is 15.Steelbreaker: Whereas within the Musou Isshin State of Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu is used, the assaults of the Raiden Shogun ignore 60% of the opponent’s DEF.Descent of the Shogun: Will increase the extent of Transcendence: Malevolent Mild by 3. The utmost improve stage is 15.Wishbearer: Whereas within the Musou Isshin state utilized by Secret Artwork: Musou Shinsetsu, the Raiden Shogun’s regular, charged, and plunging assaults scale back the Elemental Burst CD of all close by group members (however excluding the Raiden Shogun himself) 1s once they hit opponents. This impact could be triggered as soon as each 1s and could be triggered a complete of 5 occasions in the course of the length of the state.

Ascension Supplies

(Picture credit score: miHoYo)

Supplies for the ascent of Baal


To stage the Raiden Shogun you will want the standard Vajrada Amethyst for Electro characters, however additionally, you will want Storm Beads, which you will get from the Thunder Manifestation on Seirai Island after finishing the Seirai Stormchasers quest. Additionally, you will want some world supplies:

Fruit previous hand safety

The amakumo fruit could be discovered throughout Seirai Island – this information to amakumo fruit places is right here that will help you discover it. Since Historical Handguards and their improved variations had been Ayaka’s ascension materials, most individuals needs to be accustomed to them by now. You can be dropped by Nobushi – the wandering swordsmen you’ll find throughout Inazuma.


This is what you may must stage up the Raiden Shogun’s skills:

Teachings of LightOld HandguardsCrown of InsightMolten Second

On Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, you may obtain Teachings of Mild sequence objects from the Violet Court docket Area. As talked about earlier, Historical Handguards and their upgraded variants of Nobushi are being dropped at totally different world ranges, and you may improve the Crown of Perception by means of seasonal actions or the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonstaine or the Holy Sakura in Inazuma.

The ultimate materials, Molten Second, is obtained by defeating the brand new weekly boss of La Signora at stage 70 and above.

Are you able to beat Baal in Genshin Impression?

The Raiden Shogun is a singular character in that, other than Tartaglia, he’s the one playable character that you simply really should battle in opposition to. In the course of the Inazuma Archon quest, you’ll have to face her in a troublesome boss battle in her personal secluded realm. How do you beat the Raiden Shogun?

Effectively, the dangerous information is you may’t – a minimum of the primary time. As soon as you’ve got dealt her a certain quantity of injury, she prompts the Imaginative and prescient Hunt Decree, stopping you from utilizing elemental skills, and shortly after the battle ends. Even so, it may be a troublesome little boss battle, particularly in case your DPS characters are electro. Listed here are some suggestions that will help you take care of it if you’re struggling:

Maintain your distance: Until you are a grasp of evasion, staying close to the Raiden Shogun for lengthy intervals of time is a dying sentence. I discovered it higher to run in between assaults and strike earlier than dodging the Darkish Souls fashion.Telegraphic assaults: A number of the Raiden Shogun’s assaults are closely wired, similar to when she raises her blade within the air for an AoE or when she turns the blade on her facet and expenses at you from throughout the sector. Be warned that she additionally typically pursues her combo with a ranged electrical assault that you simply even must dodge remotely.Convey help: Shields and therapeutic are particularly helpful on this battle. I discovered Barbara an important alternative as her elemental skills enable her to heal from a distance and permit her to spherical out characters whereas staying at a protected distance.

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