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Pokémon Go is a Pokémon based mobile game developed by Niantic and released in July 2016. Pokémon Go has been downloaded more than 500 million times, making it the most popular Pokémon game ever created. It can be played on both iOS and Android devices, but there are some Pokémon Go cheats that work only for certain phones. There are also Pokémon Go hacks that will allow you to get rare Pokémon without even leaving your couch! In this post we explore some of the best Pokémon Go hacks and cheats which will help beginners capture all 151 Pokémon!

Cheat if you don’t have the chance to win. Cheat anyway. So that’s the old saying. It’s up to you to decide whether you apply this saying to Pokémon Go. Some people prefer to work hard and earn their rewards. I applaud you if that is you. You can also check out my Pokémon Go tips and tricks. If you want to get your rewards as fast as possible, this is how cheaters and hackers are getting their rewards!

Warning: Pokemon Go cheats can ban your account

Some Pokemon Go hacks and cheats are against Niantic’s Terms of Service (ToS). They are popular and seem to work. This leads to more people doing them and a vicious circle. You can be banned. Bans are issued in waves about every month. But now, they can also be joined by “slashing,” which marks the line between legitimately acquired Pokemon and renders them ineligible for Raid Battles and Gyms.

Be careful before you invest in this type of cheating.

  1. Spoofing: Some people fake their GPS location. Spoofing is a way to trick Pokemon Go into believing you are somewhere else. You can also get access to Gym and Raids, and lie to the game about how far you have walked. Niantic has a history of banning people caught spoofing in Pokemon Go and Ingress. Niantic can ban your account and also removes illegally obtained Pokemon so that they are useless in battle.
  2. Botting Botting is automated spoofing. Botters are armed with a large number of scripts and fake characters, and travel the PokeScape collecting high-level Pokemon. It is funded by ads on online maps and donations buttons. Accounts can also be purchased online. This is yet another example of Niantic’s constant effort to make it more difficult and less useful than in the past. Shadow-bans are used to prevent bot accounts (including maps) from seeing any other Pokemon and to cut out illegally obtained Pokemon. They make them useless in battle.
  3. Multi-accounting Even though they don’t spoof or bot, some people cheat by using multiple accounts. They quickly fill up Gyms with accounts belonging to their family, friends, and colleagues, even if they have stopped playing.
  4. Shaving/cycling: People who are unable or unwilling to take over Gyms can switch to another account and knock their teammate’s Pokemon out of a Gym that belongs to them. Then they will replace the Pokemon with their own Pokemon. To combat this issue, Pokemon Go implemented a cooldown timer that prevents players from reclaiming cleared spots for several minutes after an attack has ended.
  5. Auto-IV Checkers Pokemon Go doesn’t ban shadow-banning robots that abuse the API. They also ban accounts that grant access to third-party apps such as IV checkers, which abuse the API. You can avoid or reverse the ban by changing your Google password and removing access to these apps. The appraisal process has been simplified by Pokemon Go. You no longer need to use an IV checker. You can rely solely on the in-game appraisal.

Many people complain about these and other practices on online forums. You can be “blacklisted” for cheating if you are a member of your local community. Even if you don’t want to be a part of a co-op, it is best to avoid cheating.

Pokemon Go allows you to quickly add friends

Special Research can sometimes require you to bring along friends, such as the Jirachi-themed A Thousand-Year Slumber or Team GO Rocket’s A Troubling Situation. This can prove difficult if you don’t have many other players. There is an easy way around: Delete and re-add existing friends.

  1. Go to Profil.
  2. Swipe to your Friends list.
  3. Choose a Refer a friend.
  4. Click on Remove Friend.

Next, add the friend again as normal.

Your friendship level, as well as any unopened presents, will be maintained. This is a simple solution that you would think Niantic could fix. However, it can cause serious stress to people who accidentally remove friends.

Skip the Raid animation in Pokemon Go

It can take several seconds to go from the lobby into the Boss battle of Pokemon Go Raids. This is especially true if the network is slow down.

There’s an easy way to jump from the lobby to raid.

  1. Make an Empty team.
  2. Register now Raid.
  3. Choose your Empty team.
  4. Do not wait Start a Raid.
  5. Choose your Real team.

You get kicked back to the rejoin screen immediately with an empty team. When you do, you are redirected back into Raid without animation screens.

Although it only takes a few seconds to save you, sometimes that’s all you really need.

In Pokemon Go, kick any Pokemon out of a Gym

You can take three people with you to a Pokemon Gym and kick it out. Even a fully-powered Blissey. You can do it, even if Golden Razz stops you. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Get startedGym battleWithThree players.
  2. Players 1 and 2You can immediately quitWhile Player three continues to fight.
  3. Players 1 and 2Join a new battle.
  4. One playerDrops out immediatelyWhile Player 2 continues to fight.
  5. One player joins aNew battleKeep fighting.
  6. The battle is won by all three players: Players one, two and three.

Pokemon Go considers each battle as a separate encounter. It calculates each set of damage separately and knocks the Pokemon out instantly. There is no chance of Golden Razz.

You can skip the catch animation in Pokemon Go

You don’t have to wait for the long Pokemon Go catch animation to finish, so you can exploit this bug instead.

  1. Click on the Pokemon You want to catch.
  2. Your off-hand (right for lefties, left for righties)Swipe from left to right And Place your finger on the left side.. (The Poke Ball selector should be pulled slightly when you swipe.
  3. Toss the Poke Ball As usual, with a good hand
  4. As soon as you feel the urge, lift your finger. Poke Ball he has succeeded in hitting the Pokemon You’re trying to catch.
  5. To activate the screen, tap Enter the Poke Ball selector.
  6. Tap the RunTo leave the encounter, click the icon at the top left

The Pokemon will still be visible on the map. You can check your Pokemon Storage to confirm that you caught the Pokemon. If it escapes, then repeat the process to catch it again.

All the Pokemon Go spawns and raids are available.

Source: iMore

Update: Most Maps and Trackers are now offline due to changes in the Pokemon Go API (application programming interface). Our Trackers and Maps Guide has more information about the best options available.

Pokemon Go’s goal is serendipitous discovery. While you’re out and about taking video in the woods, you suddenly see a rare and powerful Pokemon.

However, the chances of this happening are very unlikely. Some people have attempted to cheat the system by having bots walk for them and discover rare spawns such as Unown, Bagon, or Deino.

I have tried several, but they are not my favorite. It’s thrilling to see rare Pokemon and race to catch them. Overdoing it can lead to injury and even death. You cannot cross the city fast enough on foot so you have to drive. This will ruin the exercise benefits and reduce the chill. Traffic or tickets can make it difficult to see the spawn, which can be a waste of time.

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Raids are a better use. Pokemon Go is not able to provide the same range that you need to plan and reach Raids outside of urban areas. However, maps can show you where Raid Eggs are located, their times and when they will hatch. It is much easier to coordinate and reach the right Raid at just the right time.

Check your local Facebook group to see which trackers are being used in your area. Some are online maps while others are apps. Still, some are Twitter accounts and chat bots. Some simply show you Pokemon while others require you to create multiple accounts and tap through multiple CAPTCHA.

They might be something you end up liking or loathing. Or maybe you just wish Pokemon Go would fix sightings so they wouldn’t be needed. You see, there is a Snorlax right around the corner. Pokemon Go should show it before the six Pidgey at that PokeStop cluster down on the street.

Pokemon Go – Find out which Gyms belong which team

Update: Most Gym Maps were taken offline by the Pokemon Go API changes. You can still find a few in our Trackers and Maps Guide.

Some sites use their bot armies, similar to Pokemon scanner websites, to scan and update Gym data, including the team that a Gym belongs too at any moment. They could tell you the level of a Gym, the specific Pokemon it contained, their trainer, and the history of the Gym. They can now only show team control under the new system. This is better for privacy and community safety.

If you are looking to eliminate Gyms, the maps can show you which Gyms have been taken down by other teams. Although there is no information that can’t be found by walking around or looking at maps, some prefer to first look before making a decision about which direction to go.

Before you evolve in Pokemon Go, make sure to check your IVs

Source: iMore

Always strive to develop the best Pokemon. The highest stats (IV) is considered “best”. The more powerful the Pokemon you develop, the more HP (Hitpoints) and CP (Combat Power) it will have. This will make it better in Gym and Raid Battles.

The built-in appraisal system for Pokemon Go has been updated to make it easier to see the Pokemon you are working with. You used to only have a phrase to see your Pokemon’s stats. Now you can see a graph and get a star rating. This graph shows you the attack, defense, and HP of each selected Pokemon. It also gives you a rating of one, two, or three stars. It makes it easy to determine which Pokemon are worth evolving and which Pokemon you wish to transfer in order to get more candy.

You can also use the search bar to locate higher-IV Pokemon. You can search 4* to see your 100% IV. You can also search with 1*, 2, and 3* terms to ensure that you evolve the best Pokemon. You can also search for specific terms to isolate certain Pokemon. These can be found here.

While not everyone is interested in stats (not in Pokemon or baseball), there are third-party IV apps that will ensure your Pokemon evolve to the monster. This way you can transform the 100% Bagon into Salamence, and not the 82%.

Notify your Pokemon and Google login details before you use any app. Your credentials could be lost and data were stolen. Shadowbanning is likely to follow.

Pokemon Go makes Bulk evolve quicker

You know the basic formula to level up quickly: Catch as much Pidgey, Caterpie, and Weedle as you can, then drop a Lucky Egg and try to evolve as many as possible before the Egg expires. This gives you 30 minutes to maximize your XP. If you are a precision tapping machine, the evolution animation can take 20 seconds. You can then hit up to 90 evolutions.

Some believe that you can get more evolutions if you force-quit the Pokemon Go app and then restart it.

It’s a lot of work for what is, in my humble opinion, a very small game. You might be able to set new bulk evolution records if you tap and swipe like a surgeon.

Notice: Some people use multiple phones to speed up bulk evolution. Although it is not clear if the device works, or if it does not, it is obvious that it violates the Terms of Service. This could lead to serious consequences.

Avoid the driving lockouts with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go takes every precaution to stop people from playing while driving. That’s a good thing. It also prohibits users from playing while they are passengers on buses, trains, or cars.

There are several levels of lockout. First, there is the 10 km/H limit for Buddy candy walking and egg hatching. Pokemon Go will drastically reduce the distance it travels if you exceed that limit. The second limit is 35 KM/H for spinning PokeStops and seeing Nearby and Sightings. This allows you to trigger spawns in your area. You can’t log any distance and can’t spin any stops. Also, you can’t see any Pokemon or spawn them.

While it’s all great, there are a few ways to get around it. These methods don’t always work but you can rack up huge mileage and still get in some spins and spawns.

  1. Go to the egg screen in Pokemon Go.
  2. To return to the home screen, hit the Home button. Do not launch any other apps but do not let the screen go away.
  3. You can drive a short distance in under 10 minutes.
  4. You might be able to see amazing distance gains when you play Pokemon Go again.

An Apple Watch is another option:

  1. Start a Pokemon Go exercise using your Apple Watch.
  2. Next, you need to find slow transportation. It doesn’t really matter if you use an Uber/taxi, bus in traffic, or a ferry. However, the slower you go, the better.
  3. While you are moving, gently pat your wrist with your watch. Depending on your speed, you should see decent results.

Pokemo accessories

There are some legitimate accessories for Pokemon Go such as the Poke Ball Plus and the Pokemon Go Plus. However, there are also other accessories that may be less reliable.

Take, for example, Step Counters. There were many players who believed they could quickly get distance by tapping their phones to a ceiling fan in the early days of Pokemon Go. This didn’t work, but Adventure Sync now allows for input of steps rather than distance. Companies are trying to take advantage of this. These devices shake your phone for hours, tricking your phone into believing you are taking between 8,000 to 10,000 steps per hour.

Many knockoffs of Pokemon Go Plus claim to have better battery life, better connectivity, or even the ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. While you should exercise caution when using any of these devices, however, there are many that work at least as well if you believe the reviews.

Cheats and hacks for Pokemon Go

Let me know if you have tried any of these Pokemon Go hacks or cheats. I’d love to hear about any other cheats. You can also leave comments if you have other questions. Don’t forget to check our Complete Pokemon Pokedex and our other Pokemon Go guides so that you can become a Pokemon Master.

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