Realm Royale codes 2021: Are There Any?


There are many realm royale codes, but most have expired. We will show you how to get your free realm royale code and how to redeem it.

The Battle Royale craze that PUBG launched took the gaming industry by surprise. Within 3 months, a slew more video game companies started “trailing” along the same path. This was done to cash in on the phenomenon. Epic Game’s Fortnite was a hit, but smaller and cheaper imitations like Radical Heights and The Culling 2 couldn’t keep up with the original.

Realm Royale is one such game currently enjoying a lot of popularity. Realm Royale is just as bright as Fortnite and features the same bold graphics as Fortnite. The gameplay starts with players selecting from five classes of characters, each with their own unique abilities.

After this, they will be catapulted to a medieval fantasy world where they’ll have to hunt for resources like armor and fight other players in a death match. Realm Royale runs like a dream on consoles.

Its ability to ride on mounts or craft weapons is not easy to find in battle royale games. Personally, I love the part where players become chicken after hitting.

Realm Royale… The Truth

Assuming you’re already playing the game and are eager to unlock different chicken skins and chests then you will likely be looking for the list of active Realm Royale Codes that you can redeem now. The truth is, there aren’t any Realm Royale codes for free right now. This is because the codes that have been shared are only valid once.

Assuming I didn’t lose one of my Realm Royale codes and shared it on different platforms online, it does expire once it is redeemed. It’s difficult to find a code that actually works. YouTube has many videos that claim to have new Realm Royale Codes. These are clearly clickbait.

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Gamesradar and @RealmRoyale shared 16,000 Realm Royale Codes in the past. However, most of these codes have been used and are now obsolete. Here are some codes that were shared back in those days.

For PS4

Ride the Wave

  • RRRW0460A26890228
  • RRRW0499FC8E90228
  • RRRW0543032690228

Breakdance Emote

  • RRBDE0009A1E90620
  • RRBDE006D42790620
  • RRBDE009E20890620
  • RRBDE00B10E790620
  • RRBDE00E2D6390620

Bad Egg Spray

  • RRBEE002ED5790620
  • RRBEE003B0E290620
  • RRBEE00B81CE90620
  • RRBEE010DC0090620
  • RRBEE014EE5990620
  • RRBEE018369090620

Anarchist Assassin

  • RRAN016870E590327

Forge fire Knight

  • RRFK0E71994890228
  • RRFK0E9C902590228
  • RRFK0EA1426690228

Fuzzy Bundle

  • RRFZP015B8890821

Screamin’ Weenie

  • RRSWP0053B390821
  • RRSWP00960F90821
  • RRSWP0134A690821


  • RRWDP002F6A90821
  • RRWDP0167F890821
  • RRWDP0194A190821
  • RRWDP01D10190821
  • RRWDP01E95C90821

Bundle HRX

  • RHRXBE00610691111
  • RHRXBE00690C91111
  • RHRXBE00A0AE91111

Alpha 1 Warrior

  • OB22A100678291001
  • OB22A100ACFF91001
  • OB22A101B00091001
  • OB22A101DB0291001
  • OB22A102A94E91001
  • OB22A10335EB91001

Screamin’ Weenie

  • OB22005A1791001
  • OB2200659391001
  • OB2200667491001
  • OB22007D2A91001
  • OB2200E7AC91001
  • OB22016C6791001

Ember Emu

  • OB22EE00751791001
  • OB22EE00D42691001
  • OB22EE01330391001
  • OB22EE02599D91001
  • OB22EE026F8691001
  • OB22EE02B6AD91001

Xbox One


Unfortunately, none of these codes can be redeemed. The only way to get a free realm royale code that actually works is to follow and retweet @RealRoyale on Twitter and follow them on Mixer too.

How to redeem Realm Royale codes


If you’ve received a code you wish to redeem, but are unsure how to do so, we will walk you through the steps. Start the game, and wait for it to load.

Click on the link directly from the main menuArmoryThen, follow redeem a code. You will see a window. Enter the realm code sent to your email address and click the button.SubmitClick here.

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