Renegade Raider: How to Get Fortnite Renegade Rider PNG and an Account


The Season Shop no longer sells the Renegade Raider outfit that was released in Fortnite season 1. However, you can still get the Renegade Raider outfit in PNG format.

Epic Games’ most beloved franchise Fortnite is a “hell” addictive game. It has an endless amount of gameplay and some truly amazing graphics. Fortnite is a multiplayer battle royale game in which 100 players jump onto an island to try and be the last man standing.

It’s a game that is very stylish. One of its strengths is the ability to gather resources to help build structures. This allows players to plan their shots and protect themselves against opponents. Fortnite is unique because it allows players to wear skins and other outfits. These cosmetic items can be used in a battle royale.

There are many rare Fortnite skins, including Renegade Raider, that are not available in the Season Shop. These skins can be legendary, epic, rare, common, and uncommon. This is the Storm Scavenger set’s first look at this elusive outfit.

Renegade Raider was first released in 2017. This was once considered the Holy Grail of Fortnite. It was only available to players who were able to level 20 in Season 1. Even then, it required 1,200 V-Bucks.

Renegade Raider PNG


Albeit passé, the Renegade Raider skin is one of the “most searched” Fortnite outfits to date. It’s a female-only outfit that features a reddish-brown tank top with dark brown pants to match. A closer glimpse at the outfit and you do see it’s equipped with gloves, hat, and goggles.

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The Renegade Raider PNG Image is transparent and high-quality. This image is perfect for YouTube thumbnails or concepts. DodownloadIt is happening right now.

Renegade Raider Account

It is now considered rare or OG to obtain the Renegade Raider outfit for 2020. Fortnite Generation is the answer.

Fortnite Generation has announced that the Premium Renegade Raider Account is now available for purchase at $70.Affordable right? Do hurry and purchase the account from here before it’s too late


Wrapping up

A Renegade Raider outfit is worn by Fortnite players who are already veterans. You can get the skin along with its image, which you can use as wallpaper or in other projects.

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