Roblox Assassin codes 2021: Get a Free Exotic Knife and Other Benefits


Although there aren’t many Assassin codes, we have found a few that work and they’re still available. Here’s a list of Roblox Assassin codes that you can redeem now to obtain exotic weapons, knives, and pets.

Roblox Assassin is a game that’s all about class. This game is unlike any other. There are a variety of skins and customization options. The tier system also includes Rare, Legendary, Common, Exotic, and Legendary weapons.

Inspired by Garry’s Mod and/or Murder and Counter-Strike, Assassin is one of the many games on Roblox that is similar to the highly acclaimed Murder Mystery.

You are equipped with a knife that can be used to kill a random target stealthy while also avoiding being shot by other players.

You will agree that Assassin is hugely loved with over 587 million visitors and as many as 3,500 “concurrent” users. Here are some codes to Roblox Assassins that will allow you to receive a free knife, pet, or other exotic weapons.

  • FREE KNIFE: Gives you a free knife
  • Walruspls: Gets you a pet walrus
  • PRISMANGAMES: Provides a floating knife for your pet

These are all the Assassin codes that you can redeem right now. We will be adding more codes to this page as soon as they become available. Bookmark it and make sure to return it often.

How to redeem codes in Assassin


It is easy to redeem Roblox Assassin codes. To get started, head to Roblox and open the game.

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After you have completed this, click the gear for settings icon should be located at the top-right side of your screen. A window should then appear.

Click here to type any of the codes in the box. enter to get your reward. That’s it.

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