Roblox ID (2021), Loud Bypassed


Roblox bypassed audios galore. Here’s how to use Roblox to add music to your game, or play your favorite songs while gaming on the platform.

Have you ever joined Roblox and seen someone with a Boombox blasting loud music (usually rap) while swearing? You have just heard what is known as bypassed audio. Bizarre right? You’d think so. We’ll explain Roblox bypassed Audio in this article. Then we’ll list the IDs for the very loud.

Roblox created an audio marketplace to allow developers to choose the right song to use in their games.

The vast library of audios, which includes the hit-and-miss Old Town Road, Panini, and many more, is amazing. They can help set the mood for different scenes.

Roblox’s vast selection of licensed music can be used to enhance your game and add some realism to the world. However, not all music is created equal. There are some players who like loud music that contains profanities. This is where the Roblox ID, which is frequently bypassed, comes in.

They are a kind of loud, chaotic, profanity-laden, rap. Roblox moderators often crackdown on them and they can be difficult to find.

We have a lot of Roblox bypassed audios thanks to the unique numbers and strings attached. Here’s a list with the top and most loud bypassed Roblox audios you can add to your game, or listen to now.

Audio NameCodes
20 Min6751213328
The Race6806559960
Take a step back6841256087
Gangsta Gangsta6950439715
Joey Trap Sesame Street6902071257
Simple E6858978754
Subway Se*ist6858944107
When the World Ends6372629332
Genocide PT36838679101
Genocide PT 46763072398
Genocide PT56754831574
Drink My Pi** You Neat6808895774
Miss The Rage6813521463
Master Sword Shotgun Willy Master Sword6858998319
Oreo Shotgun Will Oreo6833821765
D Rose6750452932
Vamp Anthem6807211183
Gankin Lamez6822281365
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Here are some more

  • 6899698980
  • 6925784874
  • 6840604767
  • 6932702419
  • 6864185619
  • 6913834956
  • 6927729595
  • 6829707475
  • 6834639251
  • 6774872756
  • 6872027090
  • 6841256087
  • 6796974408
  • 6938430999
  • 6942829110
  • 6927364868
  • 6762971156
  • 6852999211
  • 6889326215
  • 6911963971
  • 6775579667
  • 4799047800
  • 6835363176
  • 6921062543

How to use Bypassed Roblox ID

Players will need to buy and equip any Boombox item available before they can use the Roblox ID bypassed above. They are a type of virtual radio or digital music player. The cheapest one is available for R$250.

If you already have one, you can simply jump into your inventory to equip it. It should now appear on either your avatar’s shoulder or hand.

Go ahead, and you will be able to enter a world that supports the boombox item. Click on the Boombox item to reveal a prompt asking you to enter a Boombox code.


Copy the Roblox ID that is loud bypassed and paste it in the pop-up text box. Once you are done, click the play click the button, and you will be good to go.

Wrapping up

This is the Roblox ID list worth listening to. They’re quite entertaining and are more energetic than the general music found all over Roblox’s audio library. Happy gaming.

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