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0 Hack – is a new online multiplayer game with characters, backgrounds and objects that can be drawn on the screen by using Skribble Pencils or Sketches to kill other players in this strategy-based drawing combat game which was inspired from Pictionary for adults!

The hack tool comes as an extension of Chrome browser which lets you draw automatically without even moving your hands away from the keyboard. The only condition required is that you need to have installed Game firstly before installing it into Google’s web store!!

Are you looking to improve your Pictionary skills? These hacks can help you. is a fun game of guessing and drawing that allows players to expand their imaginations while expanding their minds., a multiplayer “web browser” gaming platform similar to Draw My Thing where players take turns drawing pictures for other players to guess. The game’s basic gameplay involves creating an avatar, then being thrown into a random Stage 1 room along with other players.

There, you can be either the “drawer” or the “guesser”. Assuming it is your turn to draw, you will have only 80 seconds to “visualize” the word and draw it. After you’re done, the chatbox will allow other players to enter their answers and guess the drawing.

Based on how quickly he or she answers, points will be awarded to the player who correctly guesses the painting.’s game mechanics are amazing, in my humble opinion. Apart from rewarding the artist for their work, the chat box is blocked once the correct answer has been submitted. This is done to prevent cheating or plagiarism.

The presentation features cartoony, hand-drawn graphics. Although the layout is simple, it does the job with very few distractions. The only problem is the lack of background music and a friends list. But trust me, this is the best time-killer that you could ever wish for. hacks can be used to simplify your game if you don’t like drawing or aren’t good at it. Auto Draw Hack

There are many hacks available for, but AutoDraw is the best and most important hack. It is a Chrome extension script that automatically draws images in Pictionary games like It is very reliable.

The AutoDraw tool on can be used in a very easy way. It involves searching Google for the right image and then drag it to the game’s canvas or drawing box. The bot will then start the drawing.

Auto Draw on has shown me that it works better with clip art images and chrome maximized. If you’re eager to grab it, jump in here Or here Get the AutoDraw hack free of charge.

How do you install it?

Extract the file once it is downloaded using Winrar, 7-Zip, or any other file extractor. Next, open Google Chrome and click the three dots upper right corners of your screen should be marked. The dropdown should appear. Select the option you want. More tools than, follow by Extensions You’ll be taken to the Chrome extensions page. From there, turn on Developer mode click the button at the top of your screen. Load Unpacked From the upper left screen. Now locate the AutoDraw script you extracted earlier and click on it to reveal the three (3) folders it contains. From there, click on the select folder. That’s it. The Auto Draw hack should now be visible and auto-enabled within the Chrome Extension page. To see it in action, go to and start a game. Now create a new tab and search for clip art on the Google image section. Once found, drag and drop it into the canvas to initiate the drawing. That’s it. The hack works perfectly well and is quite reliable. But if you are still in doubt, then check the screenshot below to see proof.

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These auto Guesser hacks will be a delight for you, whether you’re not a good guesser or if you’re not great at guessing. It works in the same way as AutoDraw, but it’s a script or chrome extension that automatically determines what other players have drawn.

Once implemented, the hack displays all possible answers to a picture below the game screen. It displays links to Google images results, which can be used as a reference for the word drawn.

Without going into too much detail, click here Or here Download Auto Guesser Hack and then follow the instructions to install it.

Installation Guide

This one is easy to get going. Simply head over to the Tampermonkey page click on the add to Chrome Follow the instructions to activate this button add an extension. After you have done this, close the tab to see the Remove from Chrome text. Next up, head over to the Auto Guesser Hack Page Scroll down within Github, then click on the URL below Installation. From the next page, click install to start the download. Once the download is complete, the tab will close. Now fire up and click on the Activate Skribbler Click here

Hit Play! afterward and you should see the hack in action once you have ticked to enable auto guesses below is the chatbox

Wrapping up

That’s all. But aside from the suggested auto draw hacks, you can also utilize the halo 9000 auto drawing bot to see how it works. Happy gaming.

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