The Best Fallout Mods (2021)


You post-nuclear video game players, secret hiding’ and sons of guns, that’s it! It’s time to get your coolest gear because Fallout 4 is about to explode.

Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout Fallout. When you think of the name, what do your thoughts turn to? The apocalypse in a world full of zombies and monsters? A post-nuclear war with mutants roaming about like lost souls? Nuclear fallout that has turned everything into barren emptiness, where human life is as scarce as water on a hot day in Death Valley! That’s right: Bethesda Softworks’ legendary RPG series lets gamers explore these themes first hand for themselves. But how can someone who had never played before get involved when they’re not sure which mods are best suited to their playing style or taste? Fear not weary traveler, because we here at yourgaminghubs have got the list all laid out just for you! Let us guide you through Fallout: New Vegas!

We’d be celebrating Fallout 4’s fourth birthday in November. That really upsets my time perception. The game was released a year ago, but there are many mods that can enhance the gameplay. What’s all the fuss about Fallout 4? What is the game about? The Elders Scrolls creators have created a post-apocalyptic action game that allows you to play a role in role-playing games. It takes place in Boston, a city located in the Commonwealth region. A Sole Survivor sets out to find his child.

Bethesda put in a lot of effort to make Fallout 4 what it is today. They were passionate about the game’s story and created stunning visuals. The game also has a lot of interesting features. Its longevity is likely due to the ability to modify fallout 4’s gameplay with a wide range of mods. These are the top fallout 4 mods that can be used to make more varied worlds, create alternate endings, or use the most powerful weapons.

1. Start Me Up

Start Me UpIt is unquestionably the best Fallout 4 alternative start mod. It is simple and intuitive, and it’s exactly what you need to skip the boring cutscenes and experience a new beginning. Start Me Up is essential for players who don’t want to deal with the hassle of running a helter-skelter but prefer to start over.

This mod is unique in that it offers alternate start, quick start, and normal start options. You won’t wake up as Shaun’s parent, but as a custom character with a unique background story. Apart from the ability to modify dialogue according to role players, Start Me up lets users choose special stats with up 20 traits. They can also choose different occupations, locations, and modify levels if necessary.

2. Sim Settlements

Sim SettlementsThis mod is an essential fallout 4 mod and aims to fix Bethesda’s disconnected settlement system. You don’t have to be an architect, because you can get other settlers to do the job for you. Kinggath’s Sim Settlements mod allows players to build zone objects which tell settlers what type of buildings they should create in various areas of their settlements.

This mod has tons of features including a progression system, settlers need system, and rewards to encourage settlements. Conqueror is a recent update that was released. It has everything you could ever want. The new Conqueror update is now available. Sim Settlements – ConquerorYou can conquer, destroy, and even build all kinds of barriers by using pre-built settlements.

3. Thomas Automatron

Albeit abandoned, Thomas AutomatronIt is still one of many amazing fallout 4 mods. Imagine being cut by a robot death machine that is kid-friendly and has unblinking, emotionless eyes. That was an experience you’ll never forget. Hideyoshi, a Japanese modder, created Thomas Automatron. It adds a smiley Thomas head to Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC.

4. Beast Master

In real life, I’d prefer having dogs as companions. But in Fallout 4, a Molerat, Deathclaw, or Radstag will do the job better. Fortunately, there’s a Beast MasterMod for Fallout 4 that allows you to create sniper shots and surprise attacks against enemies. You can also give your beast a name and equip them with saddlebags to scavenge items.

5. Search and Destroy

If you are looking for a masochistic experience with beautifully painful gameplay, then utilize Search and DestroyWith mods such as Pack Attack and more enemies. While trying to survive in the wasteland, you’d see all of hell. The mod allows foes from afar to see you and then start coming after you. They won’t dismiss stealth shots as a wind gust this time. Search and Destroy was designed with two goals: to increase the time that enemies spend hunting for you and the distance they’ll be able to detect and follow you.

6. LockSmith


As a player who values privacy and hates surprise attacks whilst off guard, I do say LockSmithThis is my favorite Fallout 4 mod. This mod is great if you want to keep pesky settlers away while you use the bathroom. The mod allows you to lock any container or door in the wilderness with a single button. The mod would be useful to keep me safe from high-level enemies when I am being chased.

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7. Unleveled Wasteland


I don’t fancy leaving any stone to unturn whilst playing fallout 4 and getting a better weapon as soon as the game kicks off gives me an upper hand in sending my enemies to the world beyond. Unleveled WastelandThis mod is what allowed me to achieve my dream. I highly recommend it. This mod gives you high-level loot in the early game, but it can have serious repercussions. Gangrenous ghouls may try to endanger your existence.

8. Pack Attack


Pack AttackThis mod adds very intense gameplay to Fallout 4. It will allow you to shoot more accurately and avoid shooting recklessly. Pack Attack, which introduces gangs and group combat tactics, is the best part of the game. AI is made smarter by Pack Attack. They can retreat and take cover, lie in ambush and wait for hand-to-hand combat.

9. PIP-Pad


In the Fallout universe, PIP practically stands for Personal Information Processor. It’s an electronic device that shows everything you need to know about the post-apocalyptic world you’re fighting on as well as useful information about yourself. Thankfully, there’s a new PIP-PadMod designed to replace the Pip-Boy that is attached to your arm. It is a tablet-like device that has retro-futurism and offers a user-friendly interface.

10. Project Valkyrie


Why beat fallout 4 twice when you can easily alter the endings? Why use violence to resolve disputes between factions when you can use persuasion? Well with Project ValkyrieYou won’t get tagged as the bad guy ever again. This mod is one of the most unique in Fallout 4. It allows you to create alternate endings. It offers 20 massive quests, with vanilla-based and fully-voiced companions. You can free the synths and kick out the bad guys. Desdemona will be convinced to relax and challenge Elder Maxson to lead the brotherhood of iron.

11. DEF_UI

DEF_UIThis is the best Fallout 4 user interface mod. It allows users to adjust the head-up display. This mod was created by Neanka and Valdacil along with Old Nick, ParasiteX, and seems. The mod comes with DEF-INV, which modifies the UI of the container, barter, and pipboy inventory screens. This mod will make your life easier.

12. Lowered Weapons


When you look at most of the First Person Shooter games out there, you do notice the protagonist always have their guns pointing forward, even when they are not firing them. Fortunately, Lesma666’s Lowered WeaponsThis mod was created to fix the issue in Fallout 4. It does exactly what it says. Have your character lower his gun when it’s not firing. You’d enjoy simple animation that enhances your enjoyment of exploring the wasteland with your gun down.

13. Horizon


Horizon’s main goal is to create a more challenging and immersive gameplay experience. It’s mostly focused on fallout 4 survival mode and brings a plethora of overhaul that rebalances and expands the game from the ground up. Its modernized remake on NPCs with new weapons, explosives, and settlement changes makes it awesome. HorizonIt’s like having 50 mods all in one. We recommend it.

14. You can place it everywhere


Place Everywhere has no alternative. This mod is the only one that allows users to put buildings and other objects anywhere in their settlements, without worrying about the red color of forbidden. This mod allows you to build in water, air, and inside other objects. It is a great mod that allows you to distinguish between chaos and sanity. If you want to create water-purifiers all over the world, TheLich’s Place Everywhere mod will be essential.

15. New Vegas Uniques Mega Pack


There are a plethora of weapons in Fallout New Vegas, some so unique that they exist only in the game world, while others are obtained as quest rewards or in specific locations. Now if you are looking for the best fallout 4 weapon mods, something that’s non-automatic but instead features a post-apocalyptic and Mad Max feels with the capability to make your game feel more run down and horrible, then you should check out the New Vegas Uniques Mega Pack mod. It contains 20 weapons such as a 10mm pistol and others.

Wrapping up

Fallout 4 mods are many, and while Militarized Minutemen helps to overhaul factions by adding different combat styles, there are still a ton of mods out there that we possibly can’t list. These mods are the ones we currently use and make the game great.

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