The Best Games Like Summertime Saga (2021)


You made up a summertime story and asked me to play it, right? Now that I’ve completed the story, I’m going to list more options and/or similar games.

Summertime Saga has no appeal for children. It is a high-quality mobile game that targets adult gamers. The story of the game begins in a small suburb where a college student was struck by his father’s death. Will he be able to solve the mystery of his father’s death, or will he get distracted by semi-nude girls?

It was discovered that his sudden dismissal of his father was due to a debt he owes to a mafia group. Taking responsibility for the money is one of the core purposes of the game. You can also easily form romantic relationships with as many characters as possible. The game is filled with naughty adventures, but it’s also fun. If you have completed the main quest, and are looking for something similar to it, here are some of the best games such as the summertime saga.

1. Milfy City


Milfy City is a very lewd and entertaining game. It has high-quality visuals. This game is not like summertime sagas because its primary goal is to create a romantic relationship. The story follows a college student renting an apartment to study. After being rejected by his school professor, he decides that he will pursue other dates, including with students, local business owners, and university staff.

2. Melody


Melody is the bomb! This visual novel is based on first-person choices. You play the role of a session musician who quit his job to start over in a new town. You meet a woman on an online platform who begs you to tutor her niece. You accepted the offer and began Melody’s one-on-one lesson. If everything goes well, you can even ask Melody out on a date.

3. Dual Family


Summertime Saga is great, but it does not depict true love. Dual Family, the game that does this, is sure to be a hit. This game simulates life and allows players to choose who they would like to be, and what woman they’d love. You will be presented with a variety of scenario-based choices which will impact your relationship. It’s up to you to make the right decisions or it will end in disaster.

4. Our fate: A new family


You now have information that could change your life. Will you be a gentle, warm-hearted man or a dictator? It’s up to you to decide. Our Fate – A New Family is an immersive gaming experience that features a wide range of sound effects and music. The game is sure to be a hit.

5. Waifu Academy


Waifu Academy, which is a game similar to Milfy City’s highly-acclaimed summertime saga, is also available. The story takes place in Sazaki Academy, a fictional private high school where a young man vows revenge on his father. The journey to revenge will not be easy as there are many disturbing and dark moments. Waifu Academy has over 30 characters and stunning 3D graphics.

6. Camp Pinewood


Camp Pinewood, unlike Summertime Saga, isn’t a visual novel. There aren’t many dialogues. It’s actually a dating sim. The story is about a man who arrives at summer camp pinewood to find it full of women. Your goal as the protagonist is to discover what’s going on at the camp and maybe get sex. Personally, I like Cape Pinewood’s animated art style. It is of high quality.

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7. Mythic Manor


Mythic Manor’s graphics remind me of Japanese Manga. You can share a manor with five mythic women and it’s a free interactive visual novel. You now know what this means. While you choose who to hang out with, you’d be able to make new friends and spend time with these beautiful maidens. Mythic Manor offers 250 character events, so you can explore the city and interact freely with others.

8. Taffy Tales


Taffy Tales, another classic visual novel and dating simulator that takes place in Taffy, is Taffy Tales. This game features unique gameplay and tons of quests to complete. You play as a man with a split personality disorder and live a normal life in a neighborhood full of people with an unimaginable dark side.

9. Man of the House


Man of the House lets players play the role of a young adult who lives with three beautiful women in an apartment. But that’s not all. There are many other girls in the area that you can chase. Man of the House allows you to move freely and can be triggered by items. The visuals are stunning and it’s worth the effort.

10. Harem Hotel


You inherited the Harem Hotel and discovered that it was home to eight beautiful women of different personalities and features. Your task now is to improve your hotel, make friends and train the ladies of Harem Hotel, as well as complete their stories. Harem Hotel offers over twenty different events that you can enjoy for hours.

11. The Awakening


The Awakening tells the story of a man who was in an accident and then went into a coma. He finally woke up two years later. He is now an amnesiac and has no idea who he is. However, this too will come with a price. Perhaps a lascivious one. It’s a great visual game, and something you should try if you bored of the summertime saga.

12. House Party


House party is a great PC game like the summertime saga that you should play right now. The game is essentially a social gathering simulation that has decent graphics but has poor control. The game’s mechanics revolve around the lucky player who is invited to a party. This involves getting to know all the lovely ladies in the building and hoping to get jiggy. It won’t be easy, as they will need to run errands to help them. This includes retrieving and fetching objects. Crazy right? It’s a great idea.

13. Sisterly Lust


We finally have Sisterly Lust. This game allows players to fully control a young man who, after losing his father, decides to move in with four beautiful women. He began to develop romantic relationships with them and discovered their secrets and personalities. You can either gain their trust, or they will chase you out if you are corrupt.

Wrapping up

There are many visual novel games online, including a house party. However, most do not offer the same experience as the summertime saga. These are the best and offer a similar experience. If you still want more, I don’t recommend it again.

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