The Best Roblox Aimbot Script (2021)



We have selected the best Roblox aimbot scripts for any game, from Phantom Forces to Arsenal.

Roblox is a game that we often talk about. Roblox is a game environment that’s geared towards children, according to those who don’t know. Users can visit the official site using their browser. From there, they can choose and play tons of user-generated games.

Roblox’s popularity has increased over the years, and it is now a household name. It’s a hit with kids and some adults. Roblox is a social network in miniature. Roblox allows you to easily connect with friends and have secure conversations even if you’re not playing or creating games using Lego-like blocks.

Roblox has a lot of great content. If Arsenal isn’t appealing to you, Phantom Forces might. Even though these games are addictive, they can be difficult to advance, especially if you have poor aiming skills. Roblox aimbot is here to help.

What is Roblox Aimbot?

Cheating or using hacks in difficult games is acceptable. Some call it unfair pwning but we consider it a game. Roblox aimbot, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a script that helps players to deal with the challenges of shooting and aiming.

It takes data from your game, and then it can auto-lock onto enemy heads. This allows you to perform an instant headshot. Here’s a Roblox aimbot script that you can use in all games on the platform.

1. Impulse Hub Script

Impulse Hub is without a doubt the best Roblox aimbot. It is free and offers many options for fiddling. The script supports 9 Roblox games, including Big PinBall, Prison Life Simulator, Tapping Simulator, and Murder Mystery 2.

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There are many options, including silent aim, ESP, and infinite jump. You can also toggle on a gun mod to give you unlimited ammo. Aimbot aside. Impulse Hub script is fully loaded with triggerbot. This will allow you to auto-shoot an enemy once locked in.

Get the Script here here you can also copy and paste this code into a Roblox executor. We recommend Synapse, Protosmasher or Sirhurt for this.

2. Owl Hub Script

Although Owl Hub has been discontinued, it is still one of the most popular Roblox aimbot scripts. It supports over 40 Roblox games, including Ninja Legends.

It’s a great universal ESP/Aimbot for Roblox. The scripts rely mostly on paid exploits like Synapse and SirHurt.

This new Owl Hub script still works

3. Lucid Universal Aimbot script

Lucid Universal Aimbot is a Roblox Aimbot script that can be used on any Roblox game. This is a great Aimbot script and can be used on many Roblox FPS games, including Arsenal and Phantom Forces.

The script can be downloaded from here you can also paste the code below into a Roblox exploit to execute it.

Roblox Aimbot scripts

After going through all the pages on V3rmillion we came up with a list that works Roblox aimbot scripts worth using. Simply copy one of the scripts and paste it into an executor.

These are the most common Roblox aimbot scripts we found. You can visit V3rmillion to find more. Happy gaming!

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