The Most Reliable LoL Tier List Sites


LoL has over 100 million players per month. It’s a multiplayer online battle arcade (MOBA) where players play the role of summoners and control champions with special abilities. The mission is to defeat a team.

It’s not easy to achieve the main objective of the game. You’ll need to confront and defeat various obstacles to take down the Nexus, the enemy base’s core structure or building. If you want to win League of Legends, your skills and tactics are crucial.Swiftness is essential during gameplay. Monitor the map visibility to defeat enemies that may spawn on the frontline and lane. LoL has three game modes. You will be in charge of low-level champions and those who are relatively weak at the beginning of the game. Your job as the player is to increase your strength by gathering various items and gaining experience.

If you’ve downloaded LoL and reached the champion select section then we recommend that you check these websites. These websites are trusted platforms that list all the top champions in League of Legends. Here are the top LoL tier listing sites for 2019.

1. Mobalytics

MobalyticsOur goal is to empower gamers to achieve greatness. This is one of the LoL Tier List websites that provides a pictorial infographic with a list of all of the LoL playable characters. You’ll find many champions subjectively ranked according to their viability in high-level competitive settings.

Mobalytics has a user-friendly interface. They also provide a desktop application that updates the League of Legends Tier list. They are open about how they came up with the lol tier list, and I think it’s cool.

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2. Lolalytics

Lol-tier-listCompared to other LoL tier list websites, Lolalytics updates faster. It’s a platform that provides insight to all league legends players. It is simple to use, just like its comrades. It uses champion statistics (such as win rate) in order to create its tier list and receives its data via Riot’s API. Analytics tracks Platinum+ player data, and currently, there are over 16 million champions.



If you are looking for a reliable and/or accurate LoL tier list website that will give you essential information for climbing solo queue ranked ladders, then you really should look into It is one of the most well-known leagues of legends tier listing sites that allow players to pick the best champions in order to win more games. I like because it has a well-organized site.

Wrapping up

These are the LoL Tier List websites that we use. There are many others, including the champion. gg and Then down to op. gg. They’re reliable, accurate, and worth checking out. Enjoy your gaming.

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