War Robots Hack: How To Hack War Robots (2021)


There are many War Robots hacks. Here’s how you can hack War Robots to get unlimited ammo, speed hack, and other useful features.

War Robots, a mech battler that emphasizes violence, is intense. It is very similar to Mech Wars and, just like other robot battle games, it is action-packed as well as feature-rich.

War Robot, although it is Pay-to Win, is an online multiplayer game that allows two teams of six people to play against each other. The goal is to defeat the opponent robots on various battlefields.

We are not going to deny that the game has flashy graphics but we will acknowledge that the controls allow players to steer their robots in urban and rural areas looking for cover.

Players are awarded currency for every battle won. This currency can be used to upgrade or purchase new robots. A hanger is included that allows players to modify their robots with new weapons, abilities, and paint jobs.

War Robots sounds great as it allows players to unlock Clan Membership, Clan Wars, and additional game modes after they reach high levels. However, virtual goods can be quite expensive and the game can be frustrating for those who don’t like the idea of spending real money to purchase them.

Hacks are here to help. Here’s a War Robots hack that will allow you to cheat the game and make it easier.

Hack War Robots

It’s not easy to find a working hack for War Robots. YouTube has a lot of videos encouraging viewers to download MOD APK (modified version of War Robots). But, most of these videos are fake.

After a series of annoying ads, you would be asked to do mundane tasks such as sideloading unneeded third-party apps/games and solving surveys before downloading the Mod APK.

These are scams designed to deceive the unwary. You’ll be able to enrich the pockets of the creators each time you take part in this program. If you are looking for a War Robots hack that works without any problems, we have something for you.

How to hack a war robot

Hacking War Robots might seem impossible given that the game uses a server. However, we can still hack its resources and there are other ways to improve the gameplay.


You can speed hack or have unlimited ammo. All you need to do is keep your health up while shooting your enemies to oblivion. Here’s how to hack War Robots.

Install Game Guardian

We will use Game Guardian as our guide. If your device has already been rooted, you can download it here.

For unrooted Android phones, simply install Parallel Space and then add both Game Guardian and War Robots into the app.

Download War Robots GG Script

You heard it right. Next, you will need to download one of the many Game Guardian scripts that are available for War Robots. We’ve highlighted the two most important scripts that are worth downloading to make it easier.

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Follow the script

If you have already downloaded War Robots scripts, you can now launch Game Guardian directly from your phone (or rooted).

If you don’t know how to root your phone, you can either open it from Parallel Space or you can use the Parallel Space app. After the app is started, make sure it is enabled.

You can now fire up War Robots from Parallel Space or directly. After the launch, you will see a floating robot. the icon appears on the screen.

Click on the link to be taken to the next page. Process. Select War Robots from the available games.

Once you are done click the play to bring up the icon, click the icon in the upper right corner of your screen execute the script window.

You can now choose any of them.Lua files you have downloaded previously. Once done, click on execute the script will then be loaded into the game.


This is it. Now you can choose from a variety of hacks. You can now choose from speed hacks or bullet traceskowmo.


Mod APK for New War Robots with Unlimited Ammo

If you don’t like Game Guardian, we have a totally new War Robots Mod APK with unlimited ammo. It is also free and doesn’t require root or license verification.

Once you have the MOD APK installed, all you need to do is maintain your health and send other robots kingdom come with your infinite bullet. Here’s how to install War Robots Mod Apk.


We assume you have already downloaded War Robots from Google Play Store. Now, fire up File Manager on your device and navigate to the internal storage. Then, follow the instructions below.Android/OBB/

Simply rename the folder by typing “com.Pixonic.wwr“To something else.” To make it easier, we suggest adding a prefix to the name or preferably a suffix. This is an example.

After you’re done, click OK to save your changes. Next, go back to your app drawer to delete the APK for War Robots.

After this, you can download the MOD APK for War Robots. reinstall it on your Android smartphone.

Next, go back to your device’s file manager. Then under Android/obb remove the prefix/suffix that you have previously added to the “folder.com.pixonic.wwr

After that, save your money and start the game.

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